Black Swan OST

I have always had an affinity for film soundtracks. I often enjoy listening to the works of Dario Marianelli, Jon Brion, Craig Armstrong, Alexandre Desplat, Randy Edelman, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer… the list goes on and on. There’s something about hearing the music for a film once you’ve seen the film. So many emotions are wrapped up in a scene in a movie, and hearing the music for that scene brings those back in vibrant colors.

So many movies that have been incredibly memorable in the past have scores that stick with you. One prime example that I can think of is Jaws. If Jaws hadn’t had the score that it did, it may not have been as frightening. That theme played in the minds of swimmers everywhere after that movie was released. The build up, the anticipation… the viewer hears the music and is pulled farther into the movie.

The original soundtrack for Black Swan is haunting and beautiful. Much of what one can imagine from listening to the music without having seen the film is just as dark and frightening as the content from the film.

Clint Mansell superbly captures the mental torment of the film within this soundtrack. Having composed for director Darren Aronofsky before in Requiem for a Dream, this has much of the same chilling, eerie quality. Mansell also composed music for The Fountain and The Wrestler, two films also directed by Aronofsky.

The track A New Swan Queen has a triumphant feel to it and lets the listener imagine the joy of receiving something that someone has essentially all but killed themselves over. The track suddenly falls to a less cheerful tone. This is so appropriate for the film. Just as her dreams begin to come true, Nina begins to lose it.

Listening to this soundtrack gave me chills over and over. Partly because the music so vividly describes the scenes of the movie to me.

I found myself becoming nervous as the soundtrack played on. The music becomes more intense and projects that dark, looming fear of total destruction. This young ballerina only wants to play the swan queen and nothing more.

Though the music on this soundtrack is lovely and beautiful, it is also intensely creepy and full of moments that will make you jump. This soundtrack will make you nervous and keep you guessing what’s next all along. Seeing the movie before listening to it isn’t necessary, but something that I feel would be beneficial in really appreciating it.

Excellent soundtrack. Clint Mansell did not disappoint. Unnerving, chilling, and wonderful.

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