Did you know?

Who has won the most Academy Awards? With great actors and actresses who have been in the business since you and I were in diapers, you might be surprised to find out just who the record holder is.

Walt Disney has won the most Oscars in history with a staggering twenty-two awards. He also holds the record for most nominations with fifty-nine nods.

Mr. Disney has also been awarded four honorary Oscars. His last honorary and competitive awards were both posthumous.


One thought on “Did you know?

  1. Hey Katy,
    It’s Sabine (I’m in your class, remember?). Thank you for sharing your blog. It is interesting to read one of my classmates’ view about movies and enlarge my knowledge of movies. Funny that Disney hold the record for most oscars, especially for most of his awarded creations (except maybe Snow White and Fantasia) are unknown to the mainstream audience.
    Since you are apparently a Merryl Streep fan, I thought your post would have mentionned her 2 oscars and an incredible record of 16 nominations for an actress (Which is also, as Steve Martin mentioned when he hosted the 82nd Academy awards ceremony, “the most losses”! haha). See you in class.

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