Chronophotographic Rifle

I have started taking a World of Cinema class and within two meetings with the class I have learned so much! I want to pass some of this new knowledge on to you, my readers. Your brains will grow and you can impress your friends!

Movies have gone through quite a few changes over the years. When motion pictures were born just over a hundred years ago, they were just a series a photographs that were arranged one right after the other to appear as though the image in the photographs was moving in fluid motions.

The technology for a camera that would allow the picture to move more quickly came from the military. The way a machine gun shot over and over again very quickly inspired a new technology that would revolutionize the way film was recorded.

The Chonophotographic Rifle was created. Chrono – referring to time and succession – and photographic referring or course to pictures. That paired with the continuous motion of the rifle made motion pictures flow more smoothly. The term “shooting a picture” is no accident, folks.

Drop Chronophotographic Rifle into a sentence today. Your peers will applaud you!


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