Six days of Oscar. Day two.

Roger Ebert is a legendary film critic. The man knows everything about everything when it comes to movies. He is the King in the Kingdom of Shadows. So what fool would be silly enough to go up against him in a battle of Oscar predictions?

This fool!


Anything can happen, but odds are that I will be wrong whenever I disagree with Roger Ebert. In my mind, someday Ebert and I will run together. We’ll rule the world of movies! An unstoppable force of all-knowing all-seeing movie power! And when we put our custom-made rings together we will transform into one gigantic… movie… genius type thing.

Perhaps I got carried away. But I digress…

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Six days of Oscar. Day three.

In this year’s Oscar nominations, there were some serious snubs. The omission of certain films and actors put a bit of a damper on my excitement. I’m still thrilled that the Oscars will finally air this Sunday night, but I am forced to wonder what if…

Andrew Garfield in The Social Network

My feeling is that Mark Ruffalo could have easily been bumped from the Best Supporting Actor category and Andrew Garfield would have settled into his place nicely. Garfield was perfect as the unsuspecting best friend in The Social Network and his snub is truly a shame.

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

The decision to nominate Javier Bardem for Best Actor in Biutiful instead of Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter makes no sense to me. Wahlberg exercises all of our emotions in this boxing flick and tells an incredible story in doing so.

The Ghost Writer


 The Ghost Writer was a vortex of secrets and lies with a twist ending and a phenomenal cast. To see that it earned zero Oscar nods is disheartening. The cinematography, editing, and screenplay should have all easily been recognized by the Academy. This was one of the biggest let downs for me.

Despicable Me


 Despicable Me was one of my favorite films of 2010. It is not that I didn’t enjoy How To Train Your Dragon, but I feel that this movie should have taken that third Best Animated Feature Film nomination. The winner is sort of blatantly obvious this year. Isn’t that right, Woody? However, I would have really been pulling for Despicable Me had it received the nomination it deserved.


Five Fave Films Of 2010 NOT Nominated for an Oscar (via filmdrift)

Just found this blog called filmdrift. It gives movie bloggers like myself something to aspire to. Check it out!

And I totally agree that The Ghost Writer should have gotten some kind of Oscar recognition.

Five Fave Films Of 2010 NOT Nominated for an Oscar   By my count, there are 41 movies vying for an Oscar on February 27th. This includes all of the award categories such as best picture, best editing, best documentary, best makeup, etc., but does not include short film nominees. (Sorry, I didn't see any of those.) I've listed all 41 of the nominated films at the end of this article. … Read More

via filmdrift

Six days of Oscar. Day five.

In this year’s Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories, there is some seriously stiff competition. My mind is pulling me in one direction and my heart is pulling me in the other. For Best Supporting Actor I feel that if Christian Bale doesn’t win it, then Geoffrey Rush will. This doesn’t mean that I want Christian Bale to win. Don’t get me wrong, Bale was phenomenal in The Fighter. He was the best I’ve ever seen him. However, Geoffrey Rush totally blew me away in The King’s Speech. A performance so wonderful that it’ll bring a tear to your eye. And maybe even another tear to your other eye.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Geoffrey Rush in a role that I didn’t like him in. His role in The King’s Speech as Lionel Logue was all heart. He played a man who you want to be friends with. He was endearing, charismatic, kind, and loyal. To see him ascend the stairs and accept his Oscar on Sunday night would warm my heart. Here’s to you, Geoffrey. My pick for Best Supporting Actor and a man who I wish I could be friends with in real life.

The Best Supporting Actress category gets a little complex for me. I have a pretty good feeling that Melissa Leo will win. She is quite worthy. However, the young Hailee Steinfeld was outstanding in True Grit. The 14-year-old held her own on-screen with greats Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Oh, and then we have Amy Adams. Adams talked for a while before The Fighter came out about wanting to shed her goody two-shoes persona and step into a darker role. She succeeded with flying colors. The only problem is that her role was a bit understated. She acted the hell out of it, but it was a less prominent role nonetheless.

This is where Melissa Leo comes in. In The Fighter, Leo plays a chain-smoking, potty-mouthed, overbearing mother. She’s pushy and outspoken and quite often a bit crazy. But she does all of those things so well. Her bad attitude paired with her bleach blonde hair make her the character we love to hate. To be honest, when the credits rolled and I saw that it was Melissa Leo in that role I was totally stunned. The transformation was a drastic one. But the Academy loves when attractive actresses turn into unattractive characters, don’t they? As much as I loved Hailee Steinfeld and Amy Adams, I believe this one goes to Melissa Leo.

Six days of Oscar. Day six.

With all of the tall, dark, and handsome men in Hollywood, it is kind of funny that the most sought after is just over a foot tall and gold. This year, our king and queen are quite predictable. For best actor, I have decided that Colin Firth is the obvious choice.

The brilliant and charming Mr. Firth gave a performance so deserving of Oscar gold in The King’s Speech that one is likely to hear “I’m just happy to be nominated” from the other four Best Actor nominees as they walk the red carpet. With a body of work that could make even the most accomplished actor stand up and take notice, it is Colin’s turn this year. I am not very fond of that notion. That it is someone’s “turn” to win an Oscar, but it just is in this case. I can’t wait to see him grace the stage this Sunday night. Good on you, old boy.

As far as our queen goes – our Swan Queen, that is – the winner of the Best Actress award is painfully obvious as well. Of course there have been upsets in the past and I love a good surprise on Oscar night, but Ms. Natalie Portman has a special place in my heart and I am truly excited for her.

This gorgeous gal with the most perfect eyebrows in all of Hollywood may look like she is glowing just as brightly as Oscar is on the big night. Don’t adjust your television, the stunning and talented actress is pregnant. In about a year’s time, she became engaged, learned she is pregnant with her first child, and got on the fast track to going home with that gorgeous golden man. This woman has been working since she was 13-years-old. I would liken her to the magnificent Audrey Hepburn in her grace, sophistication, and beauty. A woman who is destined to have what could be the best year of her life, cheers to Natalie Portman!

Ten big movies. One big night.

I set a goal for myself two months ago that I was going to see and review all ten of the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars air. I am proud to say that exactly one week before the big night, I have reached that goal.

Well, dear readers, which picture is destined to take home that coveted gold man, hm? Here’s a look at the ten nominees. Click on the text below the photos for my thoughts on each film, and click on Oscar at the bottom for a full list of my picks for the 83rd Academy Awards.





The King’s Speech









Black Swan









127 Hours


















The Kids Are All Right








The Social Network









The Fighter









Toy Story 3









True Grit









Winter’s Bone