If you have come here to see someone rave about how incredible Inception was, you’ve come to the wrong place. Please do not be mistaken, I enjoyed Inception, but not to the degree that the general audience did. Director Christopher Nolan deserves a lot of credit for taking a movie that has so many layers to get lost in and making it such a blockbuster phenomenon. Funny that the Academy did not recognize him…

A complex vortex of special effects and dreams within dreams within dreams. That is the makeup of Inception. As for the casting, I was not over the moon about it for the most part, but I will say one thing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has grown up. Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb is a star in the industry of invading ones dreams and taking what he needs from them, then disappearing before they even know what hit them. For this, he has given up all he had. A beautiful gal, Mal (Marion Cotillard), his children, and his life.

Given the chance to save it all and finally go home to his kids, Cobb takes on one very risky task. Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Cobb find a college student by the name of Ariadne (Ellen Page). She is able to solve puzzles in astonishing time and is subsequently thrown into the world of inception.

Like most good thrillers, Inception is full of missing puzzle pieces, stories untold, and a character we think we can trust. Robert Fischer is played by Cillian Murphy. Murphy is no stranger to Nolan’s work and does a top-notch job as Cobb’s last hurrah. Seeking out a serum that will put Fischer to sleep long enough for Cobb and his crew to infiltrate his dreams, Cobb puts the plan into action. He gathers his former dream invaders and all the while must teach Ariadne the ins and outs of entering dreams.

With dynamite effects that will make your head spin, the two find their way around dreamland. One must be careful not to make themselves known to the others in the dream world because apparently all hell breaks loose if you do.

This is a hard film to review without revealing too much. There are so many nooks and crannies here and to spoil them would be quite rude. Christopher Nolan and his cast make a great impression on the world of cinema with this unique tale. With Hans Zimmer as composer, this film is just set up for a win.

Pay attention. Don’t blink. You’ll miss something important – or awesome special effects – if you look away. Anyone who can explain the ending to me gets eternal props.


11 thoughts on “Inception

  1. I agree, I think Inception was good but not amazing like most people rave it to be and im not a big fan of leaving movie endings open-ending. I think movies are like stories and they should have endings.

  2. I think you hit this one on the nose. I thought it was a good movie but everyone was SO crazy about it. I think part of it for me was that we saw it much later than most and expectations were high. I did really enjoy the fight scenes on the ceiling though.

  3. Nice post! Chris Nolan definitely has some complex ideas and presents them in an exciting manner.

    I feel the most important aspect of that ending is not whether the top is still spinning or is it going to stop. I think it’s more important that Leo is with his kids and that’s all that matters. He doesn’t look back to check, he doesn’t care if it’s reality or a dream anymore. He’s with the people he loves.

  4. Thanks for the review. Well, I agree that the movie was overrated by critics and public.
    However, it is a cool one. I saw it a couple of months ago, and I have had this strange feeling after watching it all this time.
    Is what happening real at all?
    A bit spooky, huh?

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