My Oscar frustrations…

Readers, I have always loved the Academy Awards. The Oscar time of year is my bread and butter. It is the time when the best of the best in cinema is recognized and honored. In recent years, however, I find myself becoming frustrated with the changes the Academy has made to the show.

For reasons beyond my grasp of knowledge, the Oscars apparently haven’t been pulling in good ratings in the recent past. Who doesn’t watch the Oscars? For real…

One of the changes that I dislike the most is ten best picture nominees. I get it. This opens things up for more people to tune in because their favorite movie that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell at winning on the big night is nominated. More viewers. Great.

But! This category is arguably the most prestigious. Opening it to movies that are simply sub par is almost criminal.

Second! I can not stress this enough, animated movies DO NOT belong in the best picture category. They have a category made special. Just for them! My 4-year-old self would fight me on this, but an animated feature will never win in this category. Ever. If this happens someday, I will eat my hat. And I will never watch the Oscars again.

Okay, that’s a lie.

Also, I’m not a fan of two hosts. Bob hope, Billy Crystal… the greats. They did just fine all by themselves. Is our talented young Hollywood unable to carry the show solo? I like James Franco and I like Anne Hathaway, but couldn’t one of them host?

Maybe I’m a party pooper, but I am a super fan and can not stand by silently while shenanigans soil the good name of the Oscars. Just sayin’.

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