Love Original Scores? Love Medleys? Me too…

I am a score junkie. I love movie scores and I also happen to thoroughly enjoy a good medley. Well, my friends, a good medley and scores got together and made a baby.

I present to you the love child of this year’s best original score nominees and a medley…

5 thoughts on “Love Original Scores? Love Medleys? Me too…

  1. speaking as a musician (and music educator), i have to say that i’m not really a fan of these scores. not that they’re bad or anything, just not to my liking. having said that, though, good job with the compilation

    • I can’t take credit for the compilation. Got it off of YouTube. I just love that the music from the movie takes me back to how I felt while watching the movie. That feeling of being outside of yourself, you know?

  2. oh, well, then kudos for finding it, then…lol

    i know what you mean, though. sometimes a good score can take you back. like everytime i hear “Duel of the Fates” (the lightsaber battle song from Phantom Menace) it takes me back to the great memries I have about that film and the experience I had camping out with some friends waitign for tickets. Amazing what a few notes can do, right?

    • I was actually just listening to that earlier this evening! I totally know what you mean. Every time I hear the music from The Little Mermaid I remember how happy it made me as a kid. It was my first favorite movie… still is my favorite, I suppose.

  3. lol Aladdin is my Disney poison…but then almost any of them will send you to another plane…well, up to Lion King…after that, there is a drop off, but that’s a topic for another time…lol

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