Six days of Oscar. Day six.

With all of the tall, dark, and handsome men in Hollywood, it is kind of funny that the most sought after is just over a foot tall and gold. This year, our king and queen are quite predictable. For best actor, I have decided that Colin Firth is the obvious choice.

The brilliant and charming Mr. Firth gave a performance so deserving of Oscar gold in The King’s Speech that one is likely to hear “I’m just happy to be nominated” from the other four Best Actor nominees as they walk the red carpet. With a body of work that could make even the most accomplished actor stand up and take notice, it is Colin’s turn this year. I am not very fond of that notion. That it is someone’s “turn” to win an Oscar, but it just is in this case. I can’t wait to see him grace the stage this Sunday night. Good on you, old boy.

As far as our queen goes – our Swan Queen, that is – the winner of the Best Actress award is painfully obvious as well. Of course there have been upsets in the past and I love a good surprise on Oscar night, but Ms. Natalie Portman has a special place in my heart and I am truly excited for her.

This gorgeous gal with the most perfect eyebrows in all of Hollywood may look like she is glowing just as brightly as Oscar is on the big night. Don’t adjust your television, the stunning and talented actress is pregnant. In about a year’s time, she became engaged, learned she is pregnant with her first child, and got on the fast track to going home with that gorgeous golden man. This woman has been working since she was 13-years-old. I would liken her to the magnificent Audrey Hepburn in her grace, sophistication, and beauty. A woman who is destined to have what could be the best year of her life, cheers to Natalie Portman!


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