Six days of Oscar. Day three.

In this year’s Oscar nominations, there were some serious snubs. The omission of certain films and actors put a bit of a damper on my excitement. I’m still thrilled that the Oscars will finally air this Sunday night, but I am forced to wonder what if…

Andrew Garfield in The Social Network

My feeling is that Mark Ruffalo could have easily been bumped from the Best Supporting Actor category and Andrew Garfield would have settled into his place nicely. Garfield was perfect as the unsuspecting best friend in The Social Network and his snub is truly a shame.

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

The decision to nominate Javier Bardem for Best Actor in Biutiful instead of Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter makes no sense to me. Wahlberg exercises all of our emotions in this boxing flick and tells an incredible story in doing so.

The Ghost Writer


 The Ghost Writer was a vortex of secrets and lies with a twist ending and a phenomenal cast. To see that it earned zero Oscar nods is disheartening. The cinematography, editing, and screenplay should have all easily been recognized by the Academy. This was one of the biggest let downs for me.

Despicable Me


 Despicable Me was one of my favorite films of 2010. It is not that I didn’t enjoy How To Train Your Dragon, but I feel that this movie should have taken that third Best Animated Feature Film nomination. The winner is sort of blatantly obvious this year. Isn’t that right, Woody? However, I would have really been pulling for Despicable Me had it received the nomination it deserved.


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