Ten Summer Movies to Warm You Up

In this home stretch we call Spring in Chicago, it is hard to imagine that the balmy, sunny days of Summer will ever be here again. For all of you shivering – and frustrated – Chicagoans, here is a list of ten great Summer films to get you thinking warm thoughts.

Some Like it Hot
With a cast like this one you just can’t go wrong. Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis. Lemmon and Curtis play struggling musicians. After witnessing what appears to be the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, the two have to go into hiding. Dressed as women, they make their way to Marilyn Monroe and hilarity ensues.
Now and Then
Now and Then follows four friends through their Summer adventures. The girls struggle to find themselves in that awkward youngster phase, but good friends make that awkward stage easier to handle. This movie takes me back to the good old days of riding bikes, flirting with boys, taking a dip to cool off, and doing it all with your best friends
My Girl
We all know the song. “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day, when it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.” With My Girl we’ve all got the month of May in these chilly months before the leaves appear on the trees. A fun Summer movie that will tug at your heartstrings is just what we all need to get through this last bit of chill before the sunny Summer.
Even though this movie sent viewers running from the beach, it is still and will always be the ultimate Summer movie. Bikinis, sun, beach, a gigantic man-eating shark… what says Summer more than that? Okay, so the gigantic man-eating shark isn’t so appealing, but you get my meaning. This film is a great one to get you into the spirit of Summer from the safety of your couch. Just don’t expect to get in the water anytime soon.
The Impossible Years
Join the buxom Cristina Ferrare and her uptight daddio David Niven in this hilarious retro romp. How much damage can happen in one Summer? This movie is seriously underrated. It is difficult to find, but a real Summer gem indeed.
How many beautiful people can you put in one movie, hm? Another oldie but a goodie. Thank goodness my mother had the good sense to show me movies like this one and others on this list when I was younger. This movie covers a 24-hour period on Labor Day. Two sisters fighting for the eye of the handsome and dapper William Holden. Nothing makes Summer hotter like a love triangle.
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Jimmy Stewart plays Mr. Hobbs. He is just a man who wants to take the family he loves on a perfect Summer getaway. Only, when he arrives at the house that they will be staying in… let’s just say it’s a fixer-upper. With a teenager being a teenager, a family that can’t agree on much, and a seriously offended housekeeper, this vacation comedy is off track from the start.
Two for the Road
This movie follows the elegant Audrey Hepburn and her film husband Albert Finney on the journey of how they met. There are few things in the world that are better than watching Audrey Hepburn on film. Living a luxurious lifestyle, we see the trials and tribulations of a blossoming love.
Wedding Crashers
A Summer movie about two guys living the dream. What could be better? Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Christopher Walken. These are three guys I love to see anytime. Sailing, sun, and silliness all around.
The Little Mermaid
What Disney movie says Summer better than my favorite? The Little Mermaid just makes me want to go swimming all the time. Sun, swimming, fireworks, and a royal love story. This one is my favorite for sure. If you want all of the charm of  The Little Mermaid with real live people then you simply must watch Enchanted. Another great Summer movie!

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