Hop is an adorable movie made with the kiddos in mind. With an appropriate PG rating, there were no surprises or moments in which the parents in the house quickly reached to cover the young ears. When I found out that Hop came from the same people who created Despicable Me, I had to see it. While I think I enjoyed Despicable Me more, I related more to the characters of Hop. I think it is easy to relate to someone to doesn’t feel like they can ever live up to the expectations that their parents have for them.

Hop stars James Marsden as Fred O’Hare. As a youngster, Fred manages to catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny landing in his yard to deliver eggs and Easter baskets. From that day on, he becomes obsessed with the Easter Bunny and all of his magic. As a grown up, however, Fred is unemployed and living at home. His dad (Gary Cole) has mastered the look of disappointment and Fred gets to see that a lot.

After the family hosts an intervention for Fred at the dinner table, he is feeling less than lucky. But his luck is about to improve exponetially. See, Fred’s sister Sam (Kaley Cuoco), has lined up a job interview for him at a video game company. Neat, right? Oh, and since he was going to sleep in his car, Sam’s boss just happens to be away and just happened to ask her to house sit his home which just happens to be a palatial mansion that she just happens to let Fred stay at. These ideas were a little unbelievable, but I figure if I’m going to believe a cute little talking bunny is there, why not take all the other stuff in stride, eh? It’s more fun that way.

Russell Brand voices the adorable little E.B. who is the heir to the Easter Bunny throne. Only, he doesn’t want the throne. All E.B. wants is to drum.

When E.B. and Fred come together, they find an unexpected bond that one would only find in a movie like this one. E.B. runs away from home – home being Easter Island, of course – to the place where dreams come true. Hollywood, of course. Fred almost runs him over and that is how it all starts.

The movie is full of cute jokes that the kids will get and jokes for more adult ears. We really capitalize on the cute factor here. The chicks in the movie are reminiscent of the minions of Despicable me. Carlos, the head chick, is voiced by the multi-talented Hank Azaria and provides many guffaws.

The end – which as usual I will not spoil for you – pulls an about-face. And I must say that during all of the parts that I thought were cheesy and a little unnecessary, the tots in the theater put me in my place with their boisterous and adorable giggling.

Take the youngins to see Hop. Several cameos, an entertaining cast, and Mr. Brand keep this eggcellent (har har har) comedy on track. So Hop to it. Hop into your local theater for a hopping good time. A perfect movie to ring in Spring! (No more puns, I promise.)


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