Best – and Worst – End of the World Films

Apparently some lunatic named Harold Camping has predicted that the rapture will occur today, May 21st, 2011 at or around 6 p.m. This has got me thinking about all of my favorite end of the world movies. The thing about end of the world movies is that even when they’re bad, they are never so bad that they’re not enjoyable. Who doesn’t like to watch an apocalyptic mess unfold?

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

One of my favorite films of all time, Terminator, brought the awesome with this sequel to the movie. If you thought the T-800 was a badass, wait until you meet T-1000. He’s an updated model who, when shot in the face, recovers quickly. His powers resemble those of Alex Mack from The Secret World of Alex Mack, but he is much more violent than she was. Now, “Come with me if you want to live.”

Planet of the Apes

“Take your stinking paws off of me, you damn dirty ape!” This line is as epic as this movie. With the way things are going, I honestly don’t think the possibility of this becoming our eventual reality is that far off.

The Day After Tomorrow

The moral of the story is, always risk your life for a cute girl. The destruction of beloved monuments is always fun, but that’s about all this movie has going for it.


I have a feeling that Cusack drew inspiration for this scene from the real life fear he experienced upon realized what a bomb this movie would be. Effects were lackluster. Plot was weak. But there were lots of explosions. I’m a sucker for explosions.

The Omega Man

Before Will Smith there was Charlton Heston as the last man on earth. Each movie is bizarre and creepy, but I guess that’s the idea when it comes to the end of the world.

Shaun of the Dead

If the apocalypse happens to be one of the zombie persuasion, I want to hang out with these guys and I want it to go down like this.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead is not as funny as Shaun of the Dead, but if this version ever comes to be, I definitely want Ving Rhames with me.


This might ruin the movie for some of you, but I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the best part of the movie.


2 thoughts on “Best – and Worst – End of the World Films

  1. Nice, and hey, you put “Knowing” in. That movie didn’t get much love but I thought the end of the world in it was pretty cool.

    A small Canadian EOTW movie that I liked was “Last Night.” 1998. First time I saw Sandra Oh.

  2. Just stumbled across this list and can’t complain with some of your “worst” choices but your “best” choices are kind of banal.
    Some greats you should see (in no particular order)….Threads, When the Wind Blows, The War Game, Children of Men and The Road. The first 3 are on Youtube.
    I don’t recommend you watching them all in a row!

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