Cowboys & Aliens

Westerns can go one of two ways. They can be phenomenal and make the audience hoot and holler. Or they can suck. Typically there are cowboys and there are indians. Cowboys & Aliens puts a different spin on things. The cowboys have the same resources that they usually do. They have pistols, rifles, dynamite, whiskey and rope. We live in the age of “Do you believe in aliens?” Cowboys didn’t. I’m sure the occasional UFO sighting was reported back then. I reckon a few cowboys of the old west had one too many shots ‘a whiskey and scratched their heads at a funny light in the sky. But what would they say if lights moved in fast over the horizon and started vaporizing and snatching up all of their kin? Not much. Just a lot of screaming and running. Which is totally understandable.

In Cowboys & Aliens, Daniel Craig plays Jake Lonergan. He’s a badass, as most cowboy movie heroes are. Let me just be up front with you folks… I don’t buy Daniel Craig as a lasso swingin’, reach for the sky, rootin’ tootin’ man of the old west for one second. First off, he just isn’t a very good actor. Secondly, not to be petty, but he’s a weird-looking dude. He’s in fantastic shape and looks nice in chaps, but his face… I don’t know…Read More »

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 5

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 5 – Favorite Love Story in a Film:

The first time I ever thought “That’s so romantic” while watching any movie was when I saw this scene from Enchanted.

Enchanted isn’t the most romantic movie ever, but this scene gets me every time. Love isn’t always convenient or easy and we don’t always fall into it with the people who seem like Mr. or Ms. Right at the time, but that’s love for ya.

A very close second:

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 4

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 4 – A Movie That Makes You Sad:

This movie makes me sad for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it makes me wish for that kind of love. You know, the inconvenient, passionate kind. The can’t stay away from that person kind. I mean, what girl doesn’t want a guy like that? He remodeled an entire house with his bare hands for her. Seriously?

Also, it throws in our faces the fact that someday we will all get old (if we’re lucky) and lose our minds. And die.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

I’m a fan of romantic comedies in general. Over the last several years, we – the collective twelve-bucks-a-pop-paying audience – have gotten the same thing over, and over, and over again. A predictable boy meets girl flick with the same characters, the same jokes, and the same happy sappy ending. It would appear that an ending powerful enough to give the viewer a tooth ache is necessary for films of this genre, but I don’t believe that is so. Crazy, Stupid, Love breaks out of the norm a bit. It is smart and clever and keeps us following right along until the very end. It has all of the necessary elements of a romcom, but a couple of added extras to sweeten the pot.

Steve Carell plays Cal. Cal is a very familiar character for Carell to play. He played variations of Cal in 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Date Night, and Dan in Real Life. The man who just can’t get life right. Cal is struggling with a failed marriage and what he did to let it go south. After finding out that wife Emily (Julianne Moore) has slept with someone else, Cal starts to do what anyone would do in that situation: sip watered down vodka-cranberries at a ritzy club that always seems to be crowded with gorgeous women. To make matters worse, Emily didn’t just sleep with some guy. She slept with David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon). Anybody but Lindhagen.Read More »

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3 – A Movie That Makes You Really Happy:

Movies in general make me pretty damn happy. For this one I will say Mean Girls. It’s funny, smart, and paints a pretty hilarious people of how girls can treat one another in high school. It truly is like a jungle in which we must fight to survive. I think everyone knew a clique like The Plastics and especially a life ruiner like Regina George.
I think I especially enjoy this movie because my high school years were pretty horrendous. It’s fun to watch others suffer through it now that I can look back and laugh… sort of.

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 2

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 2 – Most Underrated Movie:

This may not be the most underrated film of all time – in fact, I know it isn’t – but I feel that it didn’t quite get the praise it deserved. Such a unique idea for a film. It addresses a real problem using science fiction as the primary platform. The plot was a bit weak as the movie progressed, but I still thought the film was brilliant.

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 1

If you head over to 30 Day Movie Challenge you will find a neat little list – or three neat little lists – that implore you to search your movie loving mind for the best and worst movies you’ve seen in your life.

I’ve decided to take the challenge and document it here and on my Facebook page. So today is Day 1!

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 1 – The best movie you saw during the last year:

I wouldn’t call this decision an easy one, but it wasn’t terribly difficult either. The best movie I saw last year was The King’s Speech. A close second was The Social Network, but The King’s Speech just did something to me that Social Network fell short on. Both fantastic films, both nominated for best picture, but in the end the best picture did in fact win.

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Five Movies that Need to Happen

Freaks and Geeks fell – for the most part – on deaf ears when it aired on television. It was broadcast to the wrong audience at the time but has managed to become something of a cult classic in TV Land. The show looks inside the awkward years between childhood and grown up. Set in the 80’s, the show features bell bottoms, feathered hair, and Parisian night suits – which, if you didn’t know, make you an instant super stud. The freaks are the kids from the wrong side of the tracks. The bad bananas, if you will. The geeks are the kids who are just trying to avoid the bullies and the occasional swirly or atomic wedgy. School is hard enough without all of the peer pressure to be the coolest/strongest/brightest kid. The brilliant minds behind the show? Paul Feig and Judd Apatow. It’s no surprise that Apatow went on to make several movies with key members of the cast like Jason Segal, Martin Starr, Seth Rogan, James Franco, and wife Leslie Mann who had a cameo on the show as Bill’s (Starr) Teacher. The show was funny and absurd at times, but it wasn’t just that. It was smart and witty and included the same lesson one might learn on say, Full House, but taught to us in a form that is much easier to swallow. Having the crew on the big screen to see where their lives have taken them and if Lindsay and Nick will ever end up together would please the masses. Fingers crossed, everyone!  Read More »