The Debt

There are several ways to settle a debt. An especially intense way is to kill someone and have that be that. When the troubled minds of three people who are personally affected by the heinous acts committed by a certain Nazi doctor, that’s precisely what they mean to do. The only time things get complicated is when everything does not go according to plan. I’m not talking about the kind of plan that falls through and you’re like “Damn, I guess we’ll order pizza and stay in since those guys bailed on us.” I’m talking about the kind of plans that fall through and lead these three people to working shifts as they care for the Nazi doctor they meant to kill and dispose of.

Much like a newborn, captive Nazi doctors need almost constant attention. When they get fussy they must be fed and bathed and things of the like. Rachel, Stephen, and David (Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas, Sam Worthington) have good reasons for wanting to kill this particular man. Nazis have earned a pretty bad reputation. I’m looking at you, Hitler. This Doktor Bernhardt (Jesper Christiansen) really has it coming. He has done some shit in his day and will pay the price. Do you get it yet?

I remember seeing the preview for THE DEBT and thinking to myself “Boy, I’m not going to see this movie. That young Julia Roberts look-a-like gets her face all jacked up and I just can’t stand brutality against the face of a pretty young gal. Or any face for that matter.” Yup, that was my original thought. Well, as you may’ve guessed, I did see the film. The movie was fine enough. The acting on the part of Ms. Chastain in particular was impeccable and I have never had a complaint regarding Helen Mirren who plays the older Rachel. She is one of the finer actresses in Hollywood. I think that Sam Worthington probably did something to personally offend whoever was in the casting department because they sure did not let his character age well.

As far as movies go, this isn’t typically my style. They did throw in a nice little twist that was pretty cool, but I’m easy, so I don’t really know for sure whether or not the movie was fantastic. However, consider your source, readers. I am a girl who loves explosions, things that go bump in the night, and a nice heavy dose of artillery. I don’t know when this happened because I was raised on Disney films. But I digress… back to the film at hand. The storyline isn’t cookie cutter and I like that. It moves along at a very nice pace that kept me interested the whole time. The ending though… I don’t know what it is about endings. I haven’t been pleased with probably 90% of the endings of movies I’ve seen this year. This one wasn’t bad for the reasons that the other ones were. It’s like this. I don’t mean to sound insensitive or cruel or anything, but I don’t like to watch elderly people do much of anything. Eat, kiss, drive, and especially battle to the death. Let your imagination wander on that one.

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