Paranormal Activity 3

“What’s that behind you, Senator Clay Davis?” “Sheeee…”

Moviegoers hit 12 theaters on September 25th, 2009 to see what some would call the scariest movie they have ever seen. Making a mere $77,873 on its opening weekend, Paranormal Activity spearheaded a movement that would become a horror movie lover’s dream. Paranormal Activity 2 opened just a little over a year later on a whopping 3,216 screens and grossed $40,678,424. This is a brilliant feat considering the logistics of these movies. They are low-budget and probably not incredibly difficult to make. They don’t need the Brangelina’s of the world and they are shot nearly all in handheld camera mode. Motion sickness galore, people. To top it all off, the most recent installation in the Paranormal Activity trilogy, Paranormal Activity 3, beat both of the first two combined for opening weekend gross with a staggering $52,568,183. This franchise is on a rocket to the moon it seems. Oh, and let’s not forget that Paranormal Activity 3 broke the record for highest grossing horror movie opening weekend of all time. OF ALL TIME.

It’s not like these movies are super advanced with CGI graphics. They are lacking in the blood and guts and thrive mostly on sudden loud noises and things that go bump in the night. Somehow these filmmakers have perfected a formula that keeps butts in the seats and cowards like me covering their eyes whenever there is a quiet moment or a speed-up in the clock on the camera. Paranormal Activity 3 takes the audience back. We travel back to the salad days of our friends Katie and Kristi. Their mom Julie (Lauren Bittner) is decorating a birthday cake for Katie when we first meet her and step-dad Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith) is behind the camera catching all of the magic as it happens. The movie doesn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. It is just like the other movies in the way that one person senses something in the house and the other person is in total and idiotic disbelief. Read More »