I’ve seen great survival movies like 127 HOURS and I’ve seen horrible survival movies like OPEN WATER. The one that I happened to catch on Netflix Instant last night was, shall we say, a hunk of shit. FROZEN is the story of three friends who hit the slopes in the Vermonty part of New England. Joe (Shawn Ashmore) and Dan (Kevin Zegers) are lifelong friends. On this trip to Mount Holliston, Dan’s newish girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) tags along. It becomes blatantly clear early on in the film that Joe doesn’t care for Parker’s company and wants his bromance alone time with Dan. Dan – the poor man’s Zac Efron – just wants everyone to be happy and get along. The first of many problems that the three face together is their lack of tickets to board the ski lift.Read More »

Oh, Oscar…

This morning, when I arrived at work, I burst through the doors and announced to my co-workers “At this time tomorrow morning I will have the Oscar nominations in my hot little hands.” My brilliant message was met by bored eyes. I then said “Hey, chin up! James Franco isn’t hosting this year.” This was answered with a faint “Who’s James Frankfort?” from the back of the office. Though my co-workers were not as jazzed as yours truly, I didn’t let it get me down. Because tomorrow morning… I will have the Oscar nominations in my hot little hands!

And guess what else! You there! Yes, you! You can watch LIVE as the nominees are announced right here. If you’re located in the midwest, like I am, you can probably tune in at 7:30 tomorrow morning.Read More »

Dustin Hoffman isn’t Having Any Fun

A haunting image of Dustin Hoffman who appeared to be bored to tears during the telecast of the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards only to perk right up after he did his bit on stage. I’m guessing a little gin restored his pluck once he knew he didn’t have to do anything for the rest of the evening. Ricky Gervais was invited back this year to host after last year’s debacle. He was crude and mean-spirited last year, but don’t we love that? I personally think that people take themselves to seriously. I guarantee that at some point in your esteemed careers, Hollywood actors, that some tabloid has said something about you that was far more heinous than anything Gervais may’ve said. Last night I would say that he reeled it in a bit, but he looked like he still had a good time. Nevermind that every time I we saw Elton John he was completely nonplussed with the whole ordeal.Read More »