Disney, you magnificent bastard, you’ve done it again. TANGLED is the story of a girl who yearns for life beyond what she knows. Have we seen this before? Oh yeah… Ariel wanted to be a human and live on land, Jasmine wanted to seek life outside the castle walls, and Belle wanted something more than this small, provincial town. TANGLED is a lovely movie about a girl who just wants to see what the beautiful lights in the sky that appear every year on her birthday are. The only problem is that her mother won’t let her out of the tower she lives in. Mommy dearest is only being protective of her beautiful flower… or is she? You see, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) possesses an incredibly unique trait: magical hair that glows when she sings. Also… little does she know, the lights in the sky are just for her.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think this movie really says something about the way Disney feels when it comes to blondes and brunettes. Apparently blondes really do have more fun with their magical blonde hair, that is, until it is cut. Then it turns brown and loses its magic. I think enough people have harped on that though. Onward.

Rapunzel yearns for the outside world which her mother tells her is just crawling with bugs, men with fangs, and other unsavory beasts that would only hurt her. In a twist of fate that only Disney can deliver, a wanted criminal, Flynn (Zachery Levi) finds his way into her tower and little sheltered Rapunzel makes a deal with him. With a very persuasive frying pan, she tells him that if he takes her to see the lights, she’ll give him back the stolen treasure he came in with which she’s hidden in a place he’ll never find it. The two set out on a quest to see the lights and … surprise surprise… fall in love.

TANGLED really is a sweet movie. The music is fun and the characters lovable. It’s nice to see one of these movies where the damsel in distress rescues prince charming just as much as prince charming rescues her. They work as a team. The end is a little heavy for a Disney movie, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I suppose Ursula the Sea Witch getting impaled by that ship was just as jarring. And to be fair, there were no priests with erections in TANGLED.

Where have I gone here? Listen… TANGLED is fun and catchy and just fantastic. It’s a movie with a lot to love. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi give Rapunzel and Flynn wonderful on-screen chemistry and really make the movie work. Tell me you didn’t tear up when they were in the boat together. It was like Ariel and Eric in the boat surrounded by fireflies 2.0. If you’re a Disney junkie like me – hell, even if you’re not – this is a great flick.


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