Oh, hey there. It’s me. Remember me?

Been awhile there, readers. Happy to be back. In a few short hours I’ll be watching THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Today I got to thinking about all of the great movies that will come out later this year. Here, in order of their release dates, are some movies that I am totally jazzed about.













In this third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – you know, the one that the entire planet is talking about right now – Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is up against an entirely new evil. His new villain is ripped, mean, and capable of just about anything. Bane (Tom Hardy) is making things most difficult for Gotham and its citizens. With Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake) added to the already amazing cast, the end of the trilogy might just live up to the sky-high expectations pretty much everyone has set for it. Nhoj Ekalb si Nibor.








A shoot-em-up movie with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Giovanni Ribisi, Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin? I’ll bite, sure.

LOOPER – 09/28/12










So Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a time traveling bounty hunter. Older Joe (Bruce Willis) is the job. I like this idea. It might just be crazy enough to work. I’ve got a soft spot for old Bruce, anyway. Emily Blunt and Paul Dano round out the cast of this weirdo/sci-fi/suspense/thriller.









I am mainly adding this to the list because it opens on my birthday. The plot remains undisclosed at this time. Unfortunately, I think the “plot” will remain undisclosed long after the movie comes out. From what I gather, a possible performance from Dianna Agron will accompany a possible “performance” from Katie Featherston. I guess baby Robbie – the kid she took earlier – grew up to be a weird-looking boy played by Brady Allen. Yeah, we’ll see.

LINCOLN – 11/9/12 OR 12/12









Now here’s a movie we can all get excited about! Abraham Lincoln isn’t slaying vampires here. No, this is a biopic about President Abraham Lincoln from director Steven Spielberg. Method actor Daniel Day-Lewis must be all kinds of fun to hang out with on set. Daniel will play Lincoln and sources say that it is going to be awesome. Mary Todd (Sally Field) and Robert Todd (Joseph Omnipresent Gordon-Levitt) will play Lincoln’s wife and son. What could be better?











Director Peter Jackson is finally back with THE HOBBIT after all this time. Some of the originals are here, but there have been so many cast members added! I think I’m in this movie. Super pumped for this movie.

THIS IS 40 – 12/21/12










Judd Apatow has successfully turned out a series of slam dunks. THIS IS 40 follows the story of Pete and Debbie in the event that have occurred since KNOCKED UP. From what I know, Heigl and Rogan will not be participating in this movie. Megan Fox, Chris O’Dowd, Melissa McCarthy, Albert Brooks, and John Lithgow are among the many additions to the hilarious ensemble from KNOCKED UP. I’ll have to double-check, but I don’t think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in this one.











Django (Jamie Foxx) – the “D” is silent – is a chained slave until my guy Christoph Waltz comes in and unchains him. Get it? Waltz plays a bounty hunter and enlists Django to help him. This is going to be great, really. Director Tarantino picks up Leonardo DiCaprio to play an old timey plantation owner type. The movie also features Samuel L. Jackson and Jonah Hill somehow. Alright, Quentin, you have my attention once again.











While I am sure that this movie will be good – maybe even very good – I have doubts that it will be great. Director Baz Luhrmann has made films that I’ve really enjoyed (ROMEO + JULIET, MOULIN ROUGE!) and then there’s AUSTRAILIA. Yikes. That said, I think this has some potential. Plus that song from the trailer has a sick beat.


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