I do. I don’t. Wait… no, I do. Wait…

All married couples went through this before they were married. Cold feet, if you will. In this cutting documentary, Gil and Sydney, two young people living in South Carolina and spreading the word of the lord, are finding that out the hard way. Sydney knew from the moment she saw Gil leading mass in song about their lord and savior that she was going to marry him.

Gil had been swayed by temptation before he welcomed Jesus into his life. However, no longer would his basic, warm-blooded human instincts lead him astray. He had Jesus, and now he had Sydney, too.

Alright, I am absolutely not a religious person. My parents claim I was baptized Christian, but where there are gobs of evidence (candles, pictures, certificate) from my sister’s baptism, I have found not one piece of evidence that I was truly bathed in the blood of the lamb. Or whatever.Read More »

This is the End… of Jonah Hill’s Sense of Humor

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In his movies, Jonah Hill plays a lovable goof who is also kind of a dick. In real life, he is a proud grown-ass man. Or so this article would have us believe. Evidently, the kind of a dick thing is true for both his movie characters – and unfortunately – his real life character. Four of the big players from the high-ly anticipated THIS IS THE END meet with Rolling Stone’s Erik Hedegaard to talk about farting, jerking off, and the end of the world.

While Seth Rogen exercises his famous deep giggle and plays with an e-joint throughout the interview, Hill takes the more serious route, explaining over and again that he doesn’t have time for childishness. Danny McBride is – naturally – a laugh a minute. He seems to have a real love affair with writing and his acting career is mostly just a bit of fun for him. Whatever it is that he does, I hope he stays around forever and ever.

James Franco is one of the doofiest men in the world. I say this based on the way he sounds when he talks, the fact that he looks like he’s half asleep all the time, and let’s not forget about that time he hosted the Oscars. Actually, let’s. However, even Franco is a delight compared to Hill.

Make your own conclusions and just give the article a read. Hedegaard has a way with words and makes even his stale time with Jonah Hill interesting. Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts!