The Slender Man

In light of the recent, very disturbing Wisconsin stabbing of a young girl in an effort to meet The Slender Man, it seems everyone is thinking the same thing: who is Slenderman? Two 12-year-old girls lured a friend out to play with one very frightening thought in mind. Their plan was to kill their friend in order to meet Mr. Slenderman. One of the girls was quoted saying that they had to kill this girl because you can only meet SM by killing someone.

When something like this happens, I don’t mean to put this lightly, but it takes the fun out of it. Horror lovers like me want to believe that Slender Man is lurking out there somewhere. When tragedy takes place, we’re taken from the realm of don’t want to be in the dark alone to actually being scared. The chilling article from the Huffington Post discusses the details of the horror movie-like plot.Read More »