My dog has no qualms about letting me know that he deserves a treat. He has a special cupboard in the kitchen that houses said treats, and in the good old days, I used to ask him if he’d been a good boy. Delighted at what that meant, he’d scamper off and wait for me by his cupboard. It was so darn cute.

Things are different now. I suppose he thinks that as long as there are no major incidents during the day, he knows what’s coming before I even ask. A bit demanding, if you ask me. But his little brown face is too much and I always give in any way.

This ritual is a good way for him to be reminded everyday that I love him. I think that — to dogs and most people — food often equals love. Disney’s animated short FEAST illustrates this theory beautifully.

The story follows Winston — an adorable, AWW-inspiring pup and the man who finds him, feeds him a couple of fries, and takes him home. Best buds for life.

Winston quickly learns what I’ve known for many, many years: food is awesome. Nachos, pizza, ham, hamburgers, spaghetti… Winston should have weighed about 400lbs. Things couldn’t be better for the little scamp — and then dad meets a skirt and everything changes. Salads start appearing around the house. Green food that isn’t at all what Winston is used to.

His little disappointed face was just about all I could take. The animation in this film is a bit storyboardy and I love it.

When dad has a falling out with his love, those delicious, artery-clogging foods begin to reappear, but Winston knows something isn’t quite right. What he does next proves why dogs really are man’s best friend.

FEAST tells the story of a dog, the food he loves, and the friend he loves even more. If you’re anything like me, it’ll make you want to go home and hug your dog. And I did.


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