Oscar and I miss you, Roger.

Oscar time has always been an enormous source of giddiness for me. I’ve seen every show since I was just a little one.

This is the second year that I’ll be without Roger Ebert during this exciting time in film. I used to make my guesses and then compare them to his. We agreed on a lot of things. I miss him.

The world lost a remarkable man.



As a fan of the fictional undead, I’m surprised and disappointed that I missed out on the 2009 zombie hit ZOMBIELAND. I can be a little tardy to the party at times. So last night I rectified the situation, and boy am I ever glad that I did.

The cast is small, but full-bodied. ZL goes back to a time before Emma Stone was a mega-star, Jesse Eisenberg hadn’t yet transformed into Facebook creator Mark I’m CEO, Bitch Zuckerberg, Abigail Breslin was shaking off her cutesy rom-com typecast, and Woody Harrelson wasn’t eating pickles in the woods just yet.

Together, the four of them make Wichita (Stone), Columbus (Eisenberg), Little Rock (Breslin), and Tallahassee (Harrelson). Each living in a world that exists only because they’re in it. Zombieland is what’s left after the undead pandemic wipes the earth nearly clean of real live people.Read More »