Making it through the second half of BABADOOK is only marginally more difficult than surviving the first. The reason: the pipes on Noah Wiseman who plays Samuel. The second half makes the journey worth it, and serves as a sweet reward for the harrowed viewer who didn’t chuck a brick at the television.

Amelia (Essie Davis) is a widow who is raising her hellion child alone and meeting more than her share of struggles. Samuel is a monster. Kids don’t want to befriend him and their parents request that he and Amelia stay away.

Feeling alone and abandoned, Amelia must attempt to maintain some semblance of a normal life. One fateful bedtime, Samuel decides he’d like to hear the story of The Babadook. The Babadook is a terrifying man in all black with a top hat, long arms ending it what look like clawed hands, and some sort of overcoat. Bascially the stuff of nightmares. The book is chockablock with creepy images of this man-like creature that would’ve guaranteed me a lifetime of therapy.

Once you invite Mister Babadook into your life, you’ll never be rid of him. Much like the strange occurrences that follow watching the cursed tape in THE RING, Amelia starts seeing things. Hearing sounds. It’s to swallow her whole.

Writer and director Jennifer Kent hit the nail on the head with a nearly perfect formula. Mister Babadook is the most frightening monster to hit the big screen since Samara crawled out of that TV. Possibly the most horrifying thing about Mr. B is his voice. I defy you to make it through to the end without covering your eyes, ears, or both.

That’s really the fun of scary movies, though. I feel like horror has become something of a lost art form. Most often, the movie has me until the last 10-15 minutes. I’m looking at you, INSIDIOUS. Kent gave BABADOOK a solid ending that is bittersweet.

If you plan on not sleeping tonight, I suggest you check out Mister Dook-Dook-Dook. I can still hear his voice when I close my eyes. (( shudder )) … enjoy!


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