Nothing says Summer Blockbuster like a convoy of deranged lunatics charging through a barren wasteland in pursuit of five stolen wives. George Miller’s latest in the MAD MAX franchise delivers the goods with this in-your-face, don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-something thrill ride.

In FURY ROAD, Furiosa (Theron) is taking her badass War Rig to the Green Place — a safe haven where the harem she rescued can be freed from the shackles of their husband who also happens to be their captor. Make no mistake. There is no Stockholm Syndrome here.

In the original MAD MAX, Hugh Keays-Byrne played a fellow by the name Toecutter. For FURY ROAD, HKB plays Immortan Joe. He is the keeper of the water in this dusty, ashy-elbowed hellpit. He also has really gross blisters on his back. All of that, and he’s really P O’ed that Furiosa ran off with his baby-makers.

Max (Hardy) is — for all intents and purposes — quite Mad. His inner turmoil creates an orchestra of sound within him that tortures his every move. Taken by Joe’s War Boys, Max is a pawn in the race to take down Furiosa. Strapped to the front of a dune buggy of sorts, Max serves as a lifeline for Nux, (a pretty well unrecognizable Nicholas Hoult) allowing him to go after Furiosa. Nux only wants two things in this life: to impress Joe and to find his Valhalla, all shiny and chrome.

Fun fact: George Miller worked as a doctor to pay the production costs for MAD MAX (1979), and subsequently makes every single casualty in this film as legit as possible.

I don’t think I can really overstate my satisfaction here. The movie is a visual masterpiece. From the trucks adorned with spikes, skulls, and War Boys on the drums, to the getup worn by The Doof Warrior and the flames bursting from his guitar, every aspect had tiny, clever intricacies.

Side note: The Doof Warrior was disappointingly not played by Devin Townsend. He goes by iOTA and is basically an unknown. Or was.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is hands-down the movie to beat this summer. Stunning effects, stellar cast, and a score by Tom Holkenborg and Junkie XL that I can’t stop listening to. Way to resurrect the hell out of a franchise, George. You are my hero.