Whether you see it to slip into a CGI-induced coma, or you want a big, fat dose of nostalgia, JURASSIC WORLD will likely dominate the box office this summer. JURASSIC PARK (1993) enthusiasts are in for one of two things: a white-knuckled ride or a big punch in the gag-reflex.

The world was floored by the realistic movements of the dinos in the original film — thanks to some FX geniuses — but this will be a whole new level of WHOA. I saw the trailer in 3-freaking-D before MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and it was pretty outrageous. I also came to this conclusion:

It’s going to have to be a real stinker to fail. Anytime they make a movie like this, the fans of the classic are either going to be running to the theater or boycotting on principle. In this case, the odds are ever in their favor.

Let’s look at all of the power factors we’ve got going here:

– Chris Pratt — Hollywood’s newest action hero
– Judy Greer — Hello and/or duh
– Soundtrack — Michael Giacchino and John Williams
– A giant gator eating a puny shark
– The inevitable use of the phrase, “Clever Girl”

Director Colin Trevorrow doesn’t have a tremendous amount of success under his belt. It’s probably safe to say that the semi-popular SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (2012) was his biggest hit… UNTIL NOW.  JURASSIC WORLD could conceivably do for Trevorrow what JAWS did for JURASSIC PARK Spielberg.

The trailer I’ve posted isn’t in 3-freaking-D, but it’s still cool. They get so darn close to everybody’s favorite, “Clever Girl” but are most assuredly going to make us pay for that.

The 2 hour and 10 minute running time leads me to believe that somewhere, somehow it’s going to drag ass for a bit, but as long as Trevorrow focuses on dinosaurs eating things/people/other dinosaurs, we’re all in for a real treat.