New to Netflix in June: Sci-Fi


Alright, I’ve gone over what Netflix is serving up movie-wise for June and, while I appreciate the thought, turns out — not a lotta Sci-Fi jams. If you think you’re disappointed, you can’t imagine how I feel.

With that disappointment, though, there is also triumph. Maybe you’ve heard about the biggest movie gracing the little red movie box… Jurassic Park ring any bells? Oh yeah. Under the IMDb classification of Sci-Fi, I get to revisit this little gem and hopefully wipe out most of my memories from Jurassic World.



Not only do we get Jurassic Park, but I’m going to write a dinosaur extravaganza of sorts, because Jurassic Park III and The Lost World: Jurassic Park are also going on. Thank you, Netflix!

I’ll also be watching The Giver which mercifully stars Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep about a young man learning the pain and beauty of life from an old dude, from what I gather.

And that’s it! I was hoping for way more Sharktopus vs Mothra type shit, but we take what we get.

You may also be getting reviews of The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever (Caught On Tape), and Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere because how could I not?


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