Sci-Fi, Schmi-Fi


While I can assure you that I’m eating my way out of this Jurassic Park mess I’m in one begrudging bite at a time — after the first movie, it all goes downhill — I am also enjoying some of the other treasures Netflix is offering up this month.

Keep an eye out for reviews of The Resurrection of Jake the Snake — which might as well be Sci-Fi — and Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere. Because we could all use some happy trees right about now.

I also have a date this Friday with the inmates of Litchfield because Orange is the New Black Season 4 has — almost — finally dropped! I’ll use that as a buffer for how really not good the Jurassic sequels are.


Anyway, you can find the poll for July’s genre HERE. The list of releases hasn’t come out yet, so at this point it’s a total gamble. Also, July is Jaws month. I don’t know if you knew that or not. So I’ve added a category simply called Shark. I’m not trying to tell you what to vote for, but…



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